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What's Safe to Plant Now?

It's certainly been a long winter and we're all craving color & life. Why wait to plant? Enjoy months of color now!


It’s probably not safe for me to plant anything, right?

Wrong! There is a huge selection of plants that are not only safe to plant right now, but many actually prefer the cooler, damp conditions available in the early spring months.


If your heart is set out to have a basil plant or hanging geranium, just keep it “mobile." On warm days let it soak up some sun and bring it in on cooler nights. Don’t miss out on ALL that spring has to offer! We have a huge selection to meet your needs!


Colorful Annuals: Pansies, Violas, Petunias, Osteospermum, Diaschia, Nemesia & More


Herbs: About 95% of our herbs are able to be planted and stay out. There are just a few “tender” herbs including basil, dill, tarragon, stevia and lemon verbena that aren’t quite yet ready to stay out permanently. You can always keep these in containters, so you can enjoy them now, but keep them safe during cooler temps.


Fruits & Veggies: There are many veggies that not only can be planted out now, but actually prefer the cooler and moister conditions that come along with early spring. Go right ahead and get some of our “Homegrown & Healthy” plants, including kale and snap peas. More varieties available daily.


Perennials & Shrubs: All Perennials & Shrubs that we have in stock are able to be planted now. Go ahead - plant something and have fun "playing in the dirt!"


If you have any other questions about what can/can't be planted, don't hesitate to contact us.


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