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Proven Winners - The #1 Plant Brand


Why Proven Winners? Gardeners of all experiences prefer Proven Winners because "a better garden starts with a better plant." Proven Winners are the #1 Plant Brand because they peform better than all of the rest- they're healthier, disease-resistant and super easy to grow. We are proud to be a Proven Winners Certified Garden Center & our Farm Team members are experts on the #1 Plant Brand. Whether you are looking for a quick "Gift on the Go," want to fill your flowerbeds with long-lasting color or any size project between, Proven Winners and our staff can help you make the perfect creation!

Gomphrena "Truffula Pink"
Proven Winners Annual of the Year
PW annual of the year.jpeg
Proven winners color choice shrubs
PW Perennials & Color Choice Shrubs


Not only are Proven Winners known for their long-lasting colorful annuals, they also have quite the reputation for their "plant them and forget them" perennials and shrubs. With limited time and at times limited space, Proven Winners has introduced numerous options for low-to-no maintenance plants. If you're looking for instant drama in the garden, we've got you covered.






Proven Winners Soils and Plant Foods
"Plant Me! Feed Me!"


We all need food - even our plants. Since Proven Winners are such vigorous growers, it's key that they are fed regularly to maintain their highest performance. Looking for the best bang for your buck? Be sure to plant your Proven Winners in their recommended soil and pickup a "Premium Water Soluble Plant Food" to feed every two weeks when watering. You can see the difference with Proven Winners as their plant food contains extra iron to keep foliage green and healthy. Think of their Premium Continuous Release Plant Food as your "insurance policy" when it comes to feeding. Sprinkle a little in your containers and in the holes when you plant in the flowerbed and this moisture and heat-activated fertilizer will continue to feed your beautiful blooms for months to come*.

*We carry both types of Proven Winners fertilizers at Harvey's Farm. Consult a Farm Team Member when selecting plants so the proper recommendations for care can be made.

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