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Grow Your Own Right at Home

Helping Your Garden Grow - We Guarentee It!
Harvey's Homegrown & Healthy

​​Not only is it important to plan a garden with the right plants that fit within that designated space, but that "fit" your lifestyle. Do you have full sun? What types of fruits and veggies do you and your family eat? How much space is the "right" amount? Do you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs? It's important to ask yourself what you want out of the garden so we can help you choose what goes into it.



Read Our

Gardening Guide: Veggie Gardening 101



From Seed to Sprout

Want to experience the magic of seed starting? We carry a full line of
Botanical Interests seeds for your convenience. We're proud to offer you organic options from companies who take a stand against GMO's. You won't find those here at Harvey's.


From peat pots, seed starting soil, fertilizer, seeds and timely advice, we're happy to guide you to grow your own!

We carry an extensive selection of Coast of Maine organic soils and amendments.

Fruits that "Fit"


Often we "want it all," but not always do we have the space for a full-sized orchard in our backyard. We are excited to share that some of the healthiest fruits that will help contribute to a "fit" lifestyle are also some with the most compact growth habits. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, blueberries and many other fruits are among the "super foods." Stay Tuned for More Varieties Available throughout the Spring & Season

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