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Tools for Success: Lawn & Garden

Local & Professional Advice from Farmer Harvey
Farmer Harvey's Recipe for Success

With over fifty years of gardening experience, Farmer Harvey is your "go-to" guy for all of your questions when it comes to gardening and lawncare.


At Harvey's Farm & Garden Center, we're big believers in LOCAL.

It's not only our mission to share our local & professional advice, but we believe in arming you with the tools that will lead to success in your endeavors. Whether a project is big or small, Farmer Harvey & our Farm Team Members are here to lead you on the path to success.


Gardening 101 Guide

Jonathan Green

We carry Jonathan Green grass seed and lawncare products because they're specifically made to be used in our region, not a "generic" formulat intended to have an average performance on a nationwide scale. Whether you're looking to feed your lawn, get rid of that pesky crabgrass or reseed, we're here to help guide you to success.


For More Product Information, Visit Jonathan Green's Website


Gardening Guide: Re-Seeding a Lawn



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