Meet Our Farm Team

We Look Forward to Serving You

Jim Harvey, Owner

Fifth Generation


With over fifty years of experience, "Farmer Harvey" is Harvey's Gardening Guru. Jim's specialties include professional & timely gardening and lawncare advice. If not playing in the dirt in the greenhouse, you'll find Jim planting or tilling out in his fields.


Although Jim enjoys his time at the farm, he also enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his dog, Brandy.


Favorite Movie:

Favorite Season:

Jess, Sales Associate


The newest member to our sales team, Jess combines her love of the outdoors and a great sense of humor. With her "no worries" attitude, __________of  the  Harvey's Farm team.


When not at the farm helping customers, Jess enjoys snowboarding,  ____________, ________________________________.



Emily Harvey, Manager

Sixth Generation


With a background in studio art, Emily brings her passion for color and texture to the displays she designs. When not in the greenhouse or gift barn assisting customers, you can find Emily online writing "Harrowsmith Harvest," farm's email newsletter.


In her "free time," Emily enjoys cooking with farm fresh produce, making artwork in her home studio and restoring a 1901 farmhouse with her husband Jeremy.

Wilson, Assistant Farmer


We welcome Wilson back to our farm team. Growing up in a farming community, Wilson truly enjoys working with his hands out in the field, planting crops and even enjoying an occasional watermelon when in season. With a smile that will warm your heart, Wilson's kind character will put you at ease.


When not working at Harvey's, Wilson is all about "The 3 F's": Fishing, Family and Faith.

Elaine, Assistant Retail Manager



With over thirty years in the retail garden center industry, Elaine brings her great sense of humor and creativity to Harvey's Farm. From suggesting the perfect gift idea, brainstorming a clever display to assisting a customer, Elaine does it all with a smile!


Elaine enjoys spending hours before her workday perusing Pinterest, watching the Big Bang Theory and fantasizing over Hootie of Hootie and the Blowfish or Denzel Washington (depending on her mood).

Merrie, Bookkeeper


In her tenth year as a part of our farm team, Merrie is a pro at keeping the "checks and balances" of running a farm and garden center business.


A native of Westborough, Merrie has had farming in her blood her entire life. She resides in Westborough with her husband Ken, cats____ and cows____.


-Favorite Movie: "Rocky"

-Favorite Season: